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The congress is organized by Survey of India (SOI) at Dehradun, India, during 18-20 December 2019.

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About SOI

Survey of India (SoI) is the oldest scientific department of Govt of India established in 1767. SoI has been carrying out the mapping of the whole country for developmental and Defence needs since British period.

SoI had been pioneer in the field of surveying & mapping in the country and the world during its long arduous journey from year 1767. SoI published the first map of India called “Map of Hindoostan” in year 1783 and completed Great Trigonometric Survey (GTS) during 1802-1841 which laid solid foundation of scientific surveys in country. Measurement of such a long meridional arc i.e. Great Arc on earth surface was a noted contribution to the world of Geodesy.GTS lead to the development of reference spheroid i.e. Everest spheroid in 1830 & 1857 and provided the rigid reference framework for mapping in India and other countries viz Pakistan, Nepal, Burma, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and other South-East Asian countries.

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SoI had also prepared Cadastral or Revenue Maps of the country based on GTS control framework along with topographical maps in year 1905. Cadastral surveying & mapping mandate was transferred to Provincial revenue authorities from year 1905 onwards. Measurement of height of Mount Everest in Year 1849 & Year 1952 was the notable achievement of SoI. SoI also undertook the first recorded aerial photography in India in 1927 on a scale 4”:1 Million.

Post independence with realigned priorities and focus on development projects along with defence needs, SoI had grown in leaps & bounds to cater for the surveying & mapping requirements of the country for planning, monitoring & execution of the economic development activities. SoI had completed topographic mapping on 1:50,000 scale (in metric system) for entire country and on 1:25,000 scale for 60 % of the country, primarily using Aerial photographs and photogrammetric techniques. SoI maps have played an invaluable role in the nation building and were pivotal in the foundation of almost all major developmental activities of the modern India.

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SoI had also executed no of developmental projects involving Surveying and large scale mapping for Engineering, Strategic and Developmental projects viz Reservoirs, Dams, Barrage, Tunnel surveys, Canals, Irrigation surveys or Command Area surveys, Flood Control/zone mapping, Aerodrome, Cantonment, Obstruction surveys, Aeronautical charts, Maps for IAF requirements, Forest Surveys & mapping, Urban/Town Planning, Water Resources Investigation, Potable water works, Oil pipelines, Refineries, Salt Mines, Iron ore mines, Coal field surveys, Mineral exploration , Surveys for Archaeological sites, Railway lines & alignment, Island surveys, River linking projects, Soil Conservation surveys, River Valley development Surveys, Big Manufacturing plants site survey like Vizag Steel plant, Thermal power plants etc.

Govt of India has promulgated National Map Policy (NMP), 2005 with focus on generation of the digital data in UTM projection & WGS-84 datum and providing access to the public for open usage. NMP mandates SoI to prepare the following datasets and these datasets are being maintained by SoI:

a) National Spatial Reference Frame

b) National Digital Elevation Model

c) National Topographical Template

d) Administrative Boundaries

e) Toponymy

SoI has launched new Indian Vertical Datum (IVD-2009) in year 2018 and has developed the beta version of the Geoid model with better than 01 meter accuracy for whole country and with better than 10 cm for some parts of the country. SoI has also launched Public Portal (https://indiamaps.gov.in) to provide NTDB data access to the citizen of India. Free topographic maps download has also been facilitated through MANCHITRA Portal along with Map Transaction Registry (MTR) to buy SoI digital data products. Web services are also being provided through G2G Portal to all government agencies or organizations. A mobile application name “SAHYOG” has also been launched to involve all stakeholders including citizen for updation of the NTDB.

Some of the important projects undertaken by SoI are as under:

1) National Urban Information System (NUIS)

2) Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

3) Central Mine Planning & Design Institute(CMPDI) Project

4) National Hydrology Project (NHP)

5) National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) Project

Presently, SoI has taken up the large scale mapping projects with various State Governments using state of the art technologies like LiDAR, Survey grade Drone (UAV) etc.


Survey of India will take a leadership role in providing user focused, cost effective, reliable and quality geospatial data, information and intelligence to meet the needs of national security, sustainable national development, and new information markets. Survey of India dedicates itself to the advancement of theory, practice, collection and applications of geospatial data, and promotes an active exchange of information, ideas, and technological innovations amongst the data producers and users who will get access to such data of highest possible resolution through its geo web portal.

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